The Shelter Since 1951

The Shelter Since 1951

The Providence Shelter for Children of Color became a foundation in 1951, and since then we have granted funds to a wide variety of agencies. Initially, we gave relatively large sums to a few organizations such as the Urban League, the John Hope Settlement House, Lippitt Hill Tutorial, and the Mount Hope Day Care Center. We also gave scholarships to needy students, but after 1969 we discontinued this policy, except in unusual cases, preferring to support programs benefiting a larger number of children.

By the end of the 1970s, our policy had shifted to supporting a dozen or more agencies with camperships, after-school programs, and the like. A Proposal Review Committee meets each spring to evaluate requests for funding. By the beginning of the twenty-first century, we were helping more than thirty agencies each year, with most of the grants being between one thousand and five thousand dollars.

During the 1980s, after a long discussion, the Board adopted a policy of limited divestment of holdings in South Africa in order to protest the apartheid regime. More recently, we have adopted a strategy of socially responsible investment, refusing to profit from firearms, gambling, or tobacco.

Name Change

After careful consideration, the Board decided to update our name from the Providence Shelter for Colored Children to the Providence Shelter for Children of Color, effective April 20th 2024. This change reflects our commitment to inclusivity and respect for the diverse communities we serve.

Continuing Our Mission

Whatever we are called, the Providence Shelter for Children of Color has served the needs of children of color in Rhode Island’s capital city for almost one hundred and seventy years. We remain dedicated to our mission and look forward to continuing our work with the community.